Blood Monkey Gin Spice Storm

Blood Monkey Spice Storm

Blood Monkey Spice Storm is our original Blood Monkey Irish Gin redistilled, so it’s now quadruple distilled, and we’ve added in Charred Saville Orange and Cardamom. Others add it in sugar syrups and other nasties, not Blood Monkey, with just ramp up the flavour with additional botanicals.

Exceptionally smooth, with a warm aromatic spice Blood Monkey Spice Storm can of course be enjoyed neat, or as you like, however, we recommend you try it as a ‘GIN-ger Storm’ pared with premium ginger beer and a wedge of lime!

Tasting Notes

Signature Botanicals: Charred Seville orange, cardamon, Szechuan pepper, Irish rosemary, kaffir lime leaf
Tasting Notes: Warming, woody and spiced
Serve: Ideal to enjoy chilled, neat, or over ice, or with a ginger beer.

700ml ABV:40%

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